Welcome to ChunInda!

Welcome to ChunInda, my little experiment in entrepreneurship. Or in other words, my attempt to earn some train and bus, grocery and museum entrance ticket money. (And if things go well, presents for folks back home!)

I’m travelling from India to the United States in July for three weeks, and thought I would offer a sample selection of some of the pretties I routinely admire in the marketplaces around me. I’m focussing on jewellery and scarves since they are fairly light-weight, and I am limiting myself to what I can bring with me as part of my normal baggage allowance.

You can use the categories in the right-side menu to navigate; there are earrings, neckware, and wristware!

How to Reserve and Buy Something

If you’d like to buy something, leave a comment with a valid email address on that item’s page, saying “I’d like to reserve this.” You’ll then have 24 hours from the time your comment was posted to pay me via PayPal (chunindasales@gmail.com). If you are unable to make the payment within the specified time, the item will go back to being listed as for sale, or will pass on to the next person on the waiting list.

If you want something that’s marked ‘Reserved’ but not marked ‘Sold’, go ahead and comment saying you’d like it, with a valid email address. If the reservation falls through, I will contact you to let you know you have 24 hours starting from the time I email you to buy the item.

If something is marked sold, but you really want it, leave me a comment, and I will talk to you about trying to get something similar. I can’t guarantee an exact match, but I can try to meet your specifications.

Concerning Mailing Costs

Prices mentioned here do not include postage costs. You can either pay a flat $2 to cover domestic shipping costs within the US, or you can wait till I post them, and then give me the exact amount later. If you’re buying multiple items, or require shipping internationally, please discuss the shipping costs with me after you’ve paid for your purchases. I will post your goodies to you within 3 days of receipt of payment.

Contact Info

If you have any questions, you can either leave a comment to this post, or email me at chunindasales@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy looking through here!


About chuninda

Indian Jewellery, Scarves and Bags
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